Friday, January 21, 2011

more sewing!

This is my most recent sewing project. It's a wristlet to keep my iPhone, cash, and cards in when I don't feel like taking my whole purse somewhere. I think it came out pretty rad.

It has been pointed out to me that the colors in this fabric match most of my wardrobe...this is true, I wear some pretty boring colors. I still love this fabric.

My phone fits perfectly inside!

A little card pocket for important things like my license.

My stitching needs a little work...This part looks fine, but there are some areas where I just don't know wtf happened.

This is something I made just before the wristlet, it's a gift for someone! (Cecilia don't look at these pictures, it'll ruin the surprise!)

This fabric was designed by me! I had it printed over at, it's a repeating pattern of time turners. Yeah, nerdy.

I found this sweet button in my old sewing box from when I was like 12.

Sewing is really fun, I hope I get better at it.

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