Saturday, November 6, 2010

wow super busy.

So I've gotten a LOT of work done this past week or so. Here's some of it!

Decent quality scans of two of my finished pieces...there's one more to come, I'll be scanning it on Monday, as well as a few smaller pieces to go with the rest.

And here's some color studies I put together in photoshop...comments? thoughts? good? bad?

Also a skatedeck design:

Aaaaand two quick pieces I did for digital presentation.


Cecilia Margarita de Corral said...

wooooooaaaah the skateboard looks so good. and i kind of like all of the different colors side by side. but that's not that helpful since you only have one...

C.Lo said...

i like the green one. i saw something yesterday that reminded me of your original thesis thats kinda like your skateboard but i can't remember what it was. haha. i think it was at the ifpda show

Jackie said...

thanks guys! hopefully i'll figure something out with this color situation.